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Daniel Kim

Please pray that I get paid back all of the money that's owed to me from a lawsuit I had to file, plus a lot more because I did sue for pain and suffering. Also, please pray that my finances are protected because I've been getting court expenses that should've never happened. And also, please pray that until I can get paid back all of the money that's owed to me, that God will prosper me in the meantime because I'm really struggling in my finances. And overall, please pray that God restores all that the enemy has stolen from me, that it gets returned to me seven-fold, and that I receive so much to where all of the pain and suffering I had to go through will be worth it, that they won’t even matter anymore. Please pray that I receive a miracle and that God removes the blockages placed by the enemy and that everything I’ve been dealing with turns around by the first week of 2022

Received: December 30, 2021

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