The Create Financial Freedom class exists to help people identify hope and a future in their finances.

Learn how to use biblical financial principles to manage your money and build habits that keep you motivated and on track with your money goals.

“I’ve signed up for the “Financial Freedom“ course not knowing how to effectively save and set a budget while tackling debt. But I have walked out with more than I can say. I’ve been given the skills tools and resources which have allowed me to conquer each financial struggle 1 step at a time! The Financial Freedom course was absolutely fantastic along with the course mentors!”

I really appreciate the Financial Peace class. It gave an enlightened perspective to personal financial management with investment options in particular and approach to liability reductions. Big thank you to Create Church and the team.”

Here’s a video testimonial from class alumni, Ramiro and Cali:

Through learning biblical truths, simple steps and processes to dumping debt, saving money, creating wealth – pay off debt faster and live the life you were created for.

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