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Maria Martinez

My prayer request is for me personally. I have had some dark thoughts and sometimes don’t feel like being here. What’s stopping me? My boys, mom and most importantly my husband of 27 years. I recently had my hours reduced from 40 hours down to 15 hours. The worst thing about it is, this was my friend of almost 11 years where I have helped her from the beginning of conception of her business which I thought was worth more than just an email with a slap in the face. I am grateful she is keeping me on working 15 hours a week but I will never respect her as a friend no longer. While she reduced my hours, she brought other people in, which I can’t understand but in the long picture, it is her business.

My prayer is that my boy’s will be blessed with some things for Christmas as I’m sure things are tough for a lot of people and my story is nothing new or even worse than others.

Appreciate you taking the time reading and praying for me, my boys and most importantly, my husband.

Received: December 20, 2020

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