SERIES: Red Letters 2017

March 5, 2017 – April 9, 2017


Jesus’ words echo throughout eternity. Healing, Hope, Power, and Peace. Revolutionary and life-giving. Freeing and empowering. Words that would change the world and have eternal effect. Words that would cause the hearts of those who heard them to live lives set on fire for Him. These are the Red Letters. Have you ever wondered what would Jesus say to His people today? Jesus’ words are filled with His love for us, they give instruction about how we should live and who we are to be as His church. The world has never before or since heard anyone teach like Jesus. His words still have the power to transform us today. Join us for our new sermon series “Red Letters”, a study of the teaching ministry of Jesus, and hear what He wants to say to you.

We invite you to be there in person, Sunday 9:30a or 11a! Bring a Friend!