Our Pastors

Lead Pastors Ryan and Ellie Binkley began in ministry soon after they got married in 1999, at Victory World Church in Norcross, Georgia as the Directors of the Metro Atlanta Masters Commission. A few years later they moved back to Ryan’s home town of Dallas and began working again in the business community and serving as elders in Covenant Church of Carrollton, Texas.

Ryan and Ellie have served in dual roles as business leaders and ministry leaders in the community and in their local church the past ten years. From 2009 through 2012, they served as elders and pastors of Covenant Church’s College and Career Ministry where they had a thriving service for the young adults in the North Dallas area. In the meantime, their family also grew and they now have five children.

Ryan and Ellie have a unique background in their life in business and ministry that relates to many people as they discover their calling and purpose. It is their life’s purpose to see people find their identity in God and be all that they were “Created” to be in Christ.